A 10-Year-Old Tearing It Up at a Smash Bros. Wii U Event Is Excellent Marketing – No matter what the Internet says about it.

We’re infinitely bummed out that this video of 10-year-old Karissa wrecking at Smash Bros. is just footage of a marketing stunt, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. Without contrary evidence, I probably would’ve believed it after she almost won the first match, although mostly because Sheik is such a hot pile of bullcrap in this game that it wouldn’t surprise me to see an infant win with her.

But yes, sadly, it is almost certainly just some clever viral marketing. Karissa is an actor with her own bio page and everything, and a screenshot of the casting call for the event has been tweeted:

But really, people should’ve known it was a prank as soon as D1 (Nintendo-affiliated Smash Bros. announcer) just happened to also be there and start tweeting about it.

But somehow, instead, it appears that people got upset with him going along with the joke, even though the stunt was already meant to be revealed in an official video.


What’s not to love about a this prank? Maybe people didn’t like when the “hand a child an unplugged controller and tell them they’re really playing” gag got turned around on them? Give him a break, Internet. Otherwise, you’ll have to answer to Karissa the Destroyer.

(via SRK)

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