Early Footnoteology

Bunnies, even those with mild Alzheimers such as Eli, may recall Roger Jr's latest venture into footnotology, when the lad pointed to his minor footnote which, shall Eli be generous, ran against his entire summer testimony, testimony that Senator Sessions gladly took up as a cudgel to beat Presidential Science Adviser John Holdren about the ears.  Well, if you don't you can look it up here.

Today, Bart Verheggen twitters
Which, dear Sherman, brings us back to Bart's blog in the days of Hey Yamal.  Buried in there is this gem
What struck me was Roger Pielke Jr’s attack of RealClimate’s sarcastic reaction to this sorry story, and his defense of Steve McIntyre, quoting him as follows:
It is not my belief that Briffa crudely cherry picked.
Fair enough, one might think. Except that this quote is from comment number 254 in one of the Climate Audit threads. And it doesn’t particularly square with what he said elsewhere. It is most definitely not the message that his readers got (see for some collections here, here, here and here). One could reasonably argue over how much to blame the readers (as Pielke does) versus how much to blame the author (McIntyre in this case) for any ‘misunderstanding’. But judging from the vast majority of his readers who infer grave accusations from his writings, it’s fair to at least look into the latter as a possibility.
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