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So what's new?  Well the Weasel is going after a sci-fi comic drawing in the H.H. Lamb series, this one first appears to have appeared 2006 in the Torygraph in an article by the Monkers (don't blame Eli, that was Wm's description) part of which was reproduced as part of an amazing mathterbation exercise by David Evans over at Nova's.  More on that next post.

and since republished here and there.  Wm wants to know where this came from.  Whatever it is it is not the from the IPCC First Assessment Report (FAR), but somebunny's "modification" of same for Europe.

What was in the IPCC FAR was a free hand sketch by H.H. Lamb that has since been abused every which way, as described by the Weasel and others)

So when Christopher Monckton claims that in an article showing the first graph that
The UN's second assessment report, in 1996, showed a 1,000-year graph demonstrating that temperature in the Middle Ages was warmer than today.
He is wrong about which IPCC assessment report had the Lamb sketch, and wrong that the graph that appeared in the bottom pane of the figure shown in his piece was the one that appeared in the IPCC report and wrong when he said the graph demonstrated that the temperature in the Middle Ages was warmer than today, because, well, because of Mike's trick.  Eli is a helpful little bunny, so he hopped over to Wood for Trees, ran a graph of HADCRUT 4 global and smoothed it on a ten year basis, ran a line over the global temperature variation and nailed it to the 1900 value shown in the first graph above, voila, Mike's trick.
If Eli had used the Northern Hemisphere instrumental temperature record, the rise would be even higher.  As for Europe, well Eli will leave that to Zeke, but dollars to donuts it is going to be even higher.

The fun thing is that Chris Monckton is running about Sgt. Schultzing that he knows nothing, nothing about that graph. 
Mr Connolley falsely accuses me of having fabricated a graph in whose selection, drafting and publication I played no part whatsoever. I should be grateful if he would remove all references to my having “faked” or fabricated this graph, and if he would kindly notify me when he has done so.
and being met with an OK, who put it into an article you wrote and had published and have you written to the Telegraph asking them to post an error notice.  Eli notes that in 2008 Monckton got the IPCC report version right, and the curve, but somehow erased the y axis and did not note how the instrumental record sort of falsifies the Lamb sketch.

Indeed, if you look at the IPCC First Assessment Report, the instrumental records in the same chapter falsify the the Lamb sketch, it being known even then that there had been a ~0.7 C increase in global temperature over the 20th century.  And so it goes.
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