This Smart Desk Will Force You to Stand Up or Sit Down Based on Its Maniacal Whims, Basically – Maybe the desk is really into improv games?

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We here at The Mary Sue send each other links all the time about how constantly sitting for your day job will eventually kill you in many different horrifying ways. We’ve heard standing for five minutes every hour will help. We heard walking thirty minutes a day will help. Then we heard that none of that actually helps and we’re all doomed. But now, there’s the Stir Kinect Desk.

This height-adjustable desk comes with a built in motor, so you can force yourself to do squats all day without changing the relative location of your computer screen to your eyes. Wow! Equipped with a 1-gigahertz Cortex-A8 processor, it’s smarter than my MacBook, and if it senses you’ve been sitting too long it will recommend you stand the heck up. It also “learns you preferences,” because we want our desks to be part of the inevitable robot uprising.

According to Stir founder JP Labrosse,

We think of the desk as the non-wearable wearable.

So… it’s a desk then. Got it.


If you would like your own “kinetic” desk, it can be yours for just $2,990 (don’t worry, shipping is included).

(via VentureBeat)

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