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Canon Releases 5 New PowerShot Cameras at CES 2015

Canon announced 5 new PowerShot models at CES 2015 – the SX530 HS, SX710 HS, SX610 HS, ELPH 170 IS and ELPH 160. The PowerShot SX530 HS, SX710 HS and SX610 HS are all superzoom models, featuring optical zoom ranges of 50x, 30x and 18x, respectively. The ELPH models are compact, pocket cameras with a 12x zoom lens…Read More…

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Audi’s LG Smartwatch Runs On WebOS

[CES 2015] It was just yesterday when we caught whiff of the smartwatch from LG and Audi, making it one of the most desirable smartwatches that we have seen in recent times. The thing is, the beautiful looking timepiece was thought to run on Android Wear – or at least one variant of it, but…Read More…

Whirpool Imagines A Jetsons-Like Kitchen

[CES 2015] Let’s face it – we live in an extremely connected world, and to make sure that homes of the future too, would remain connected in their special way – even in the kitchen, the folks over at Whirlpool have come up with a visualization of what it would look, and feel like, to…Read More…

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Mushkin STRIKER 2.5-Inch SSD Is An All-Rounder

[CES 2015] Mushkin is a name that is synonymous with high performance memory, and this time around, they have taken the grand occasion known as CES 2015 to unveil the latest member of their STRIKER series of solid state drives. Touted to offer top-tier performance specifications, the Mushkin STRIKER 2.5” SSD is yet another step…Read More…

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SenseHUD Is The Ultimate Portable Head-up Display

[CES 2015] Heads Up Displays (HUDs) happen to be technology that is worth exploring, as it comes in handy to display even more information than before, for instance, in a vehicle where the dashboard itself does not have enough space to show other important information while you coast down the freeway. Well, is there such…Read More…

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Next Generation Fuhu Nabi 3 Tablet Revealed

[CES 2015] There is always something special about the passing of a baton, and the same can be said of Fuhu with their next generation of nabi 3 tablet, which will continue from where the nabi 2 (as seen above) left off. The model in question would be the Elev8, and if you were to…Read More…

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Fuhu Nabi Big Tab Range Offers A Huge Android Experience

[CES 2015] You don’t say – Fuhu certainly wants their nabi Big Tab range of Android-powered devices to live up to their respective names. After all, these would arrive in form factors that are in the domain of TVs, and not tablets as the name suggests, featuring 32″, 43″, 55″ and 65″ sizes. The reason…Read More…

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ARCHOS and Freshub Launch ARCHOS Kitchen Screen, the World’s First Connected Kitchen e-Grocery Shopping Tool

On January 6th at CES, ARCHOS, a well-known manufacturer of Android devices, and Freshub, a connected-kitchen Israeli startup, launched the ARCHOS Kitchen Screen. The end-to-end service is a kitchen-tailored version of the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet. The ARCHOS Kitchen Screen allows consumers to be able to shop for grocery products. They can do this by……Read More…

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Mercedes F 015 leaps into the future of autonomous driving

When you choose to debut a full concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show, rather than the looming international auto show a few days later, it’s gotta be a piece of forward-looking, high-tech wizardry. The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion is that and more. The car represents Mercedes’ vision of a fully autonomous rolling…Read More…

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Glagla Connect shoes puts fitness tracking underfoot

If you’re a fitness fanatic looking to use technology to monitor your activity, then slapping on a wristband like a Fitbit or a Jawbone might seem the easiest option. But in the eyes of French shoe company Glagla, there are things our footwork can tell us about our fitness that other body movements cannot. At…Read More…

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