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Triple Aught Design Outdoor Gear

Gear up for your fall and winter outdoor pursuits in military-grade durability, Charmin-grade comfort, and Bond-grade style. Click here and enter to win a complete outdoor apparel package, plus a Skeleton Key Mini-Tool from Triple Aught Design! A…Read More…

Here are the winners for Avast Premier 2014 License Giveaway

Our Avast Premier 2014 License Giveaway is finally over, which means its time to select our 10 lucky winners who will be getting the Avast Premier 2014 License from Avast. Well, the list was long so we decided to take the help of random selector for picking out 10 winners from the list. So, the…Read More…

Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun

The Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun is for people who want to stick it to the opposing side at 130 dB when their team scores. It is also for people who want to scare the ever-loving snack size Snickers and Skittles out of the kids this Halloween. If you…Read More…

Go To TechCrunch Disrupt For Free #TCDisrupt

 We’re giving away another ticket to Disrupt. This one starts now and ends tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific. You can earn extra entries to the contest by sharing the giveaway link with friends and following our social accounts. Details about Disrupt San Francisco and the giveaway: Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year,…Read More…

Go To TechCrunch Disrupt For Free #TCDisrupt

 Every day this week we are giving away a ticket to Disrupt San Francisco. We’ll announce the giveaways in various locations, so make sure you follow our social accounts for tips. You can earn extra entries to the contest by sharing the giveaway link with friends and following our social accounts. Today’s contest ends on…Read More…

Flash Giveaway: Win A Free Ticket To #TCDisrupt

 Yes, you heard that right. Enter to win a free ticket to Disrupt. We’ve decided to do something a little crazy this year for the ticket giveaways. We’re giving away tickets…lots of tickets. Every day from now until Disrupt we will be giving away one ticket to Disrupt San Francisco. Here’s the catch: the time…Read More…

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Pelican 45-Quart Elite Marine Cooler

Want to win tailgating season this year? Then click here and enter to win a 45-quart Pelican ProGear Elite marine-tough cooler! A $300 value! This giveaway is open to US residents only. About Pelican ProGear Elite Marine Coolers All models…Read More…

Tender Belly Bacon Every Month Club

One Tender Belly bacon reviewer said, “This bacon is so good I want to put it in my hair.” Me? I just want to eat it. A lot of it. Say, 4 pounds per month. If you share my sentiments, click right here and enter to win a 6-month membership to Tender…Read More…

Fidget Rings

Maybe you fidget because you’re anxious. Because you’re bored. Because you have ADHD. Because you’re 5 minutes away from walking into the biggest interview of your life. Because you just drank 11 cups of coffee. Now fidgeters both young and old,…Read More…

Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase

The Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase. $610 of full grain chrome tanned leather with a 100-year warranty, made by dudes I’d ditch work to have a beer with any hour of the day. Not to be an a-hole, but…I can’t believe I’m giving this to one of…Read More…

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