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Ultimate Bike Tool carries over two dozen tools in a small, flat package

The Ultimate Bike Tool stuffs more than two dozen wrenches, tire levers and driver bits into a slim package. It’s the latest design to rework the 3D multi-tool into a flat, packable chassis, joining others like the Nutter bike tool and Tuls card tools….Read More…

KLAX multi-tool axe head detaches for easy transport

Ever been walking through the woods and had that impulse to chop up a fallen log, measure each piece, scrape off the untidy bits, fix them together with nails, nuts and bolts and then crack open a fresh beer? Okay, such an urge might be beyond even the most inspired of outdoor enthusiasts, but if…Read More…

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New iPhone multi-tool case lights your fire

The latest iPhone multi-tool case to find its way to the world of crowd funding, the Hangout Case, offers three pocket-essential functions: protecting your iPhone, popping a bottle, and lighting a cigarette or fire. It also has a tripod screw mount. ….Read More…

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TaskOne multiplies its iPhone multi-tool

TaskLab’s original TaskOne iPhone multi-tool case packs a variety of tools and implements, but apparently the company feels it doesn’t offer enough. It’s back with an even more versatile iPhone multi-tool. The MyTask could effectively be called a multi multi-tool, giving buyers two sets of tools for different activities. .. Continue Reading TaskOne multiplies its…Read More…

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Review: Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition cycling multitool

Last September, we heard about a new cycling multitool known as Fix it Sticks. A successful Kickstarter project, it consists of two aluminum “sticks” that can be joined together to form a T wrench, with a different type of bit permanently attached to each end. At the time, several readers complained that the bits should…Read More…

  • By Ben Coxworth
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ÖKO Odyssey 6-in-1 bottle filters water and shines light

Most water drinkers are satisfied if their bottle does its single function – holding water for the occasional sip – effectively. Occasionally, an H20 aficionado is spoiled by two bottle functions, something like a built-in UV purifier or lantern. The new ÖKO Odyssey water bottle, on the other hand, blows bottle expectations up with six…Read More…

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