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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. OnePlus One

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a high-end, feature-packed phablet boasting the latest high-end specs. But how does it compare to 2014’s (nearly-unattainable) budget hero, the OnePlus One? The OnePlus handset may offer less frills than the Samsung device, but holds its own in more categories than you might think. Read on, as Gizmag compares the…Read More…

Get Free OnePlus One Invite from Here: Giveaways

For those who are planning to buy the OnePlus One smartphone, but they aren’t having the invite. Here is an opportunity to get one. Ya! we are currently having 10 invites of OnePlus One, which we are planning to giveaway to 10 of our lucky readers. The rule is simple, you have to participated in the…Read More…

Apple mockfest continues with hilarious iPhone 6 and Watch parodies and jabs

It took longer than expected (because the new iPhones and Apple Watch are so awesome?), but Samsung followed up on its first shy Apple attacks, joined by Asus, OnePlus and a YouTube comedy show star that’s probably not affiliated with anyone in the tech scene. A pear for an apple? A tweet bringing to mind……Read More…

  • By Adrian Diaconescu

OnePlus Welcomes iPhone 6 Plus To The Family

OnePlus has run a new publicity campaign on their Facebook page this time around, and it is a whole lot less insensitive compared to their earlier “Ladies First” campaign which was pulled due to being controversial in nature. Having said that, OnePlus has extended a note of welcome to the iPhone 6 Plus, obviously carrying…Read More…

OnePlus responds to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, welcomes it to the “Plus” family

In something that is becoming a bit of a tradition for the young company, OnePlus responds to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus by posting the above image via their Facebook page and offering yet another OnePlus One to win and more invites. As with many of OnePlus’ marketing campaigns, this one is no less confusing as it doesn’t…Read More…

AndroidGuys are giving away a OnePlus One 64GB Invite

Our readers are everything, and you guys and girls are what keep us running so to say thanks to our dedicated readers, we’re giving away an invite for a 64GB OnePlus One. The OnePlus One is the latest flagship killer, offering top end specs at a low price point. You are currently only able to……Read More…

OnePlus compares the OnePlus One v Samsung Galaxy Note 4, offers a device and 100 invites to win

Today, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was finally announced after months of speculation and it is clear that it is still the undisputed king of phablet devices. Direct competitor, OnePlus, naturally thinks differently and has today put up a comparison of its OnePlus One v Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Furthermore, OnePlus is offering up one 64GB OnePlus…Read More…

You will be able to buy OnePlus One without invite from October

OnePlus One is a great Android smartphone. but its sale is currently limited. You can only buy OnePlus One smartphone if and only if you are having an invite. Ya! the company introduced a weird invite system for its OnePlus One smartphone. But thankfully it was not permanent and is now coming to an end…Read More…

OnePlus One Might Do Away With Invite System This October

Earlier this year a nascent company based in China emerged on the scene. It ran a massive hype campaign to raise awareness for what it claimed to be the “flagship killer.” One aspect of that campaign was to limit the ways one could purchase a OnePlus One, so the company only gave out invites in…Read More…

OnePlus settles for a pre-order system to purchase the OnePlus One, dumping invite system

The OnePlus One could have been the device of the year, and it still might be considered that from a technological and value-for-money standpoint, however its lack of availability has relegated it to a more disappointing place. This problem with availability is entirely the invite system’s fault, the system OnePlus chose to distribute its devices – whether…Read More…

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