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Three best features of the new iPad Air 2 you won’t find on any other tablet

Is it time to upgrade to a new iPad? Several features in the new iPad Air 2 should tempt current owners, particularly if you’ve had the same model for several years.  Apple faces several worthy competitors in the tablet market, but perhaps none more formidable than itself. That’s because the upgrade cycle for iPad has…Read More…

  • By David Needle
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Apple keeps iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Air models alive at reduced pricepoints

Apple today introduced two new iPad models, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. While Apple quickly glossed over the iPad Mini 3, it spent a considerable amount of time discussing the iPad Air 2, an upgrade which delivers a host of attractive…Read More…

  • By Yoni Heisler
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JetBrains dotMemory 4.1 Is Rigorous and Productive

At least six good reasons to upgradeRead More…

Crucial SSD Upgrade Made My Old MacBook Pro Better than New

I had an aging MacBook Pro. It’s a 2011 model, which I believe is the first model with Thunderbolt. And while the Thunderbolt connectivity has been great, the internal 5400RPM hard drive has gotten slower and slower over the years. After hearing plenty of reports on the benefits of upgrading to an internal SSD drive…Read More…

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Accessory of the Day: Trade in your old smartphone or tablet for Amazon cash

Have old devices lingering around the house, just taking up dust while you’re salivating for an upgrade? The Amazon Trade-In Program allows folks to turn their tablets, phones, and other electronics into an Amazon Gift Card with ease. It’s a convenient process. Potential traders simply visit the program’s page and will immediately receive an offer for……Read More…

  • By Shawn Collins
  • Posted in Android
  • Also tagged Accessory of the Day, , Gift Card, sell, swap, trade-in

Raise an army in Rise of Rome

Commanding armies, building a city, and employing strategies to complete a variety of quests are a big part of the action in Rise of Rome. On the quest to create a strong roman empire, players can upgrade their city for defense and upgrade their army…Read More…

  • By Jessica Buchanan
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Windows 9 Upgrade free for Windows 8 Users: Reports

It seems like the upcoming version of Windows aka Windows 9 will be available free of cost for existing Windows users. An Indonesian online publication Detik claims that Microsoft Indonesia President, Andreas Diantoro, has confirmed to them that the upcoming Windows 9 Operating System will be available free of charge for Windows 7 users. Diantoro…Read More…

PSA: Do not upgrade to iCloud Drive during iOS 8 installation

Today is the day Apple is making iOS 8 available to the public. The latest version of iOS has several new features like widgets and third-party keyboards that make it a must-have upgrade for most iPhone owners. If you are upgrading to iOS 8, there is…Read More…

  • By Kelly Hodgkins
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Be aware, be careful, be prepared for iCloud Drive

If you use iCloud: you need to be really, very, no-I-am-not-exaggerating, super careful when you upgrade to iOS 8. Otherwise you could break iCloud syncing to all of your Macs. I hope I have your attention. When you are setting up a new iOS 8…Read More…

  • By TJ Luoma
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Apple is offering existing iCloud users a partial refund after price drop

On the heels of Apple’s new pricing for iCloud storage, existing iCloud users have begun receiving emails announcing they have received an upgrade and refunded to put them in line with new customers. Users who were on the 20GB plan saw their cost…Read More…

  • By John-Michael Bond
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