HTC Sense 6 Lock Screen Available From Google Play Store

sense 6 lock screen

HTC has a habit of unbundling native apps or features from the software running on its devices and offering them up separately on the Google Play Store. The latest to receive this treatment is the HTC Sense 6 lock screen. It is now available for download from the Play Store but don’t think that it will work with just about any Android device out there. As it happens, there’s a catch.

The Sense 6 lock screen apk available from Google Play Store is only meant for HTC devices. Moreover not every device made by the company can download this app. Devices that have already received the Sense 6 user interface are the only ones that can download this app.

You might wonder how does unbundling an app or feature serve HTC? This makes it easier for the company to roll out updates for that particular feature or app. HTC doesn’t have to put together a whole new software update for the entire device every time it wants to make a change. The benefit for users is that they receive updates more frequently and downloading them merely takes a couple of minutes.

Swiping right on the Sense 6 lock screen will take users to BlinkFeed and left to the widget panels. No major changes have been made to the lock screen as yet, but seeing as how it lives separately on the Google Play Store now, it won’t be long until HTC spices it up.

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