Want to wake up to the smell of bacon? With this app you can


The world (or at least most people) have somewhat of an infatuation with bacon. The smell, the taste, the texture; people just love bacon. Of course, if you ask any bacon lover if they would want to wake up to the smell of bacon, they would say yes.

Brace yourself, bacon lovers, because now that can become a reality – all by using a app and a special iPhone dongle.

The Wake Up and Smell The Bacon app, is essentially a alarm app. However, it works in conjunction with a iPhone dongle that (literally) releases the smell of bacon once the alarm goes off.

The dongle plugs into the iPhone’s headphone socket and pairs with the app to determine when to release the seductive smell. While releasing the smell of bacon, the alarm will also make ‘bacon sounds’ – think sizzling, oil spitting sounds and a voice will recite some ‘baconisms’ (something really odd that we don’t quite understand).

According to Mashable, however, who had a chance to test the app and dongle, the smell the device releases is not all that alluring. According to their testers the smell resembles that of smoke and ‘jerky’ (aka biltong) and not so much lovely, fresh bacon.

The smell is produced from liquid drops that are poured into the dongle. Much like the liquid used in e-cigarettes to produce their taste. You also receive a refill with the dongle.


However, you can’t buy the dongle – you can only win one. The dongle and app form part of a massive (and strange) marketing campaign by the quirky and absurd Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon. Oscar Mayer is a very popular American meat production company.

The competition, which is run on Oscar Mayer’s website, gives people the opportunity to win a dongle by completing a quiz. The competition runs until the 4th of April.

As for the app, it is available for free download on the App Store. Unfortunately bacon lovers who use Android or other smartphones won’t be able to use the app or win a dongle, as the competition is only available for iPhone users.

While this device and app is rely strange (and kind of gross) it is an exceptionally clever marketing campaign. With our world becoming more and more digitalized, creating an app and accompanying device that reproduces the smell if bacon, is really clever. And who doesn’t like bacon?

Check out the video for the dongle and app below:

Source: Mashable

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