Xiaomi Delivers Blood Pressure Monitor Device

xiaomi ihealthWhen we talk about a company like Xiaomi, more often than not we would think of a company from China that rolls out smartphones. Having said that, it is interesting to note that Xiaomi intends to take the plunge into the health gadget sector, having worked alongside an organization that is called iHealth Labs. The ultimate result of this partnership in the near future? To roll out a blood pressure monitor which has been specially designed to function alongside a smartphone, and no prizes for guessing just which particular smartphone brand it will work with right out of the box.

Basically, all that you need to do is to hook up your handset to a special dock, before connecting it to the blood pressure monitor, letting you check out your vital statistics to your handset. Xiaomi intends to deliver the iHealth monitor in China for a mere 199 yuan, which is converted to be approximately $32. Apart from being able to monitor one’s blood pressure, this device is also more than capable of monitoring your heart rate as well as the mobile app depicting real-time results.

The iHealth blood pressure monitor that will play nice with an iOS- or Android-powered device will be more expensive, at approximately $100 a pop.

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