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100 Free HTML Website Templates To Use In 2014

A website template consists of either a single web page or a set of web pages that have been pre-designed by other designers. Instead of hiring a web designer, many small businesses are using HTML website templates. What are the advantages of using website templates? You can easily modify website templates with your own content…Read More…

  • By Taimur Asghar
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
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Blogging from BBEdit, redux

I’ve been having blog problems the past couple of weeks. My script for publishing from BBEdit has been working fine when publishing new posts, but it’s been throwing errors when updating posts after editing. I’m not sure what has changed. I did update my WordPress installation recently, but I’m also suspicious of new configurations my…Read More…

30 e-Commerce WordPress Themes for Your Online Shop

Internet has proven to be a very convenient place to shop. People have now started to buy almost everything with the click of their mouse. Because of this, websites are becoming more responsive for their customers. Whatever you are selling, e-commerce WP themes will suit perfectly with your brand. WordPress themes will make sure that…Read More…

  • By Taimur Asghar
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
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40 Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes to Impress Your Clients

A portfolio website is one of the must-haves for a freelancer. Either you are just starting or already a veteran, a portfolio website is needed because it will give your clients first-hand information about the quality of your work. It also gives you the chance to impress your clients without even opening your mouth. For…Read More…

  • By Rudolph Musngi
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
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Get Themed! Here’s 30 Premium Business WordPress Themes

The WordPress is a very popular platform these days for many business owners to have their online presence felt. Many companies are using WordPress themes to create professional websites for their businesses. The popularity of WordPress themes is due to these characteristics: Flexibility Comfort A powerful CMS (content management system) Plenty of customizable options for…Read More…

  • By Taimur Asghar
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
  • Also tagged business WP themes, buy premium themes, premium business WordPress themes, Showcase, Themes, WP themes for business

Browser Wars: Why Can’t There Be Just One Web Browser?

A few years back, the Internet was left shaken by the Browser Wars, or the competitions for the top spot in usage share between web browsers. It all started when Microsoft Internet Explorer took Netscape Navigator’s spot as the top browser during the late 1990s. It continued when IE lost its dominance over the emerging…Read More…

  • By Rudolph Musngi
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
  • Also tagged browser wars, one web browser to rule all, the best browser, Tools, Usability

15 Marketplaces to Buy Premium WordPress Themes Reviewed

WordPress is a powerful tool to make your blog or website run perfectly. However, if you want to stand out among thousand other websites and blogs, you need some elegant themes. You can certainly create unique themes for yourself. But if you don’t have appropriate knowledge of HTML and CSS, I would recommend that you…Read More…

  • By Taimur Asghar
  • Posted in Web Development, webdesign
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Pantheon Raises $21.5M Series B Round To Expand Its Web Hosting Platform

 Pantheonwp_front_promo, which currently offers a professional hosting solution for Drupal and WordPress sites, today announced that it has raised a $21.5 million Series B funding round led by Rory O’Driscoll at Scale Venture Partners, with participation from Dev Ittycheria at OpenView Venture Partners. Existing investors Foundry Group and First Round Capital also participated in this…Read More…

  • By Frederic Lardinois
  • Posted in Software
  • Also tagged hosting, pantheon,

How to Embrace Imperfection and Turn It Into Creativity

The frailty of creatives is that they never get 100% content with their creation. As Leonardo Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” It resounds true to most designers. There’s always a little bit of regret when closing a project they’ve spent several hours to a couple of weeks refining to the pixel. Creatives…Read More…

  • By Rean John Uehara

WP Super Cache: Understand & Configure It

The WP Super Cache plugin by Donncha O Caoimh is one of the most useful plugins available for WordPress, and it will help you keep a site functioning well and served to your users in a cost-efficient manner. There are many WP Super Cache (or WPSC) articles that will provide you a quick explanation on how…Read More…

  • By Hubert Nguyen
  • Posted in Gadgets
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