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5 Ways Of Increasing Your Organic Traffic You Probably Don’t Know Anything About

Organic traffic is free traffic – and it converts better than referral or social traffic (and the two combined). The reason for this is that search engine visitors are visitors that are already looking for something. They are potential buyers, subscribers or clients simply waiting for they perfect pitch before they’ll open their wallets/purses. In…Read More…


If you’re reading this at leancrew.com, I hope you notice that the site is both faster and more stable than it has been for the past couple of months. If you’re reading it through an RSS feed, I’m just happy you can see it.Read More…

Discipline Your Stubborn Alexa Rank

Of course you want a low alexa rank, so does everyone else, now it’s competition, you want to rank below 100,000 so does ever other blogger. In this kind of competition there are some things you can do that help in reducing your alexa ranking. But before we go futher let’s see why you need…Read More…

Some file exploration with Unix tools

In Sunday’s post, I mentioned I’ve has been having trouble with intermittent Internal Server Errors here for the past couple of months. On Tuesday, Seth Brown sent me this tweet: @drdrang You may be aware of this, but your site appears to be down.— Seth Brown (@DrBunsen) Sep 23 2014 2:22 PM He wasn’t kidding.…Read More…

7 interesting Ways To Kill Your Blog

If I I should tell you that I know of 101 interesting ways you can kill your blog, will you believe? I am not an Arsene Winger though who according to Mourinho is a specialist in failure. That to me is indeed a huge word.All that I now hope is that my teams Real Madrid…Read More…

End of summer miscellany

None of this stuff warrants a post of its own, but I thought it was all worth a mention. I finally started using Bartender to organize my menu bar apps. I had resisted because I don’t use many menu bar apps and didn’t really feel the need to hide any. But Bartender provides a service…Read More…

Ambassadors of Blogging Poverty

Ambassadors of poverty are The corrupt masters of the economy With their heads abroad And anus at home Patriots in reverse order Determined merchants of loot Who boost the economy of the colonial order To impoverish brothers and sisters at home Ambassadors of poverty are The ‘saviours’ of the people Office loafers in the guise…Read More…

There are Only 2 Bloggers in this world; One rules the Other

Hello there, Kabenlah.com is at it again and today is of no exception. I am here to tell you that there are only 2 bloggers in this world of ours and before you slam me with all those figures with respect to the number of blogs which are created on a daily bases, let me…Read More…

The Two Joy’s Of Blogging Lead Me To A Totally Inspired Mind AND Some Good Cooking

Two of the joy’s of blogging are: 1- Meeting other people who maintain blogs (or websites); and, 2 – Helping out the people you meet by sharing your interest and knowledge. Recently I happened across a blog called “Computer Users Forum” that lead me to a person by the name of Paulette Le Pore Motko.…Read More…

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4,000 and 1 Thing which shows you are still a NEW Blogger

I don’t like talking to myself. I don’t like sharing my voice, if there’s no one to listen. I don’t like the silence I get, when there should be the clapping sound. I don’t like being alone. I wish I had readers like you, a reader who truly cares. A reader who likes to talk…Read More…

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