Emergency Response Drone With Defibrillator Inside

ambulance-drone.jpg Are you...my daughter? This is the ambulance drone invented by 23-year old Dutch student Alec Momont. It packs a defibrillator inside and was designed to be able to reach cardiac arrest victims quicker than traditional emergency response teams. Because when you're having a heart attack, the last thing you want between you and a defibrillator is a bunch of @$$holes in their cars too busy texting to get out of the way of an ambulance.
'Around 800,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest in the European Union every year and only 8.0 percent survive,' Momont, 23, said at the TU Delft University. 'The main reason for this is the relatively long response time of emergency services of around 10 minutes, while brain death and fatalities occur with four to six minutes,' he said. 'The ambulance drone can get a defibrillator to a patient within a 12 square kilometre (4.6 square miles) zone within a minute, increasing the chance of survival from 8 percent to 80 percent.' The drone tracks emergency mobile calls and uses the GPS to navigate. Once at the scene, an operator, like a paramedic, can watch, talk and instruct those helping the victim by using an on-board camera connected to a control room via a livestream webcam.
Oh cool, it has a webcam so professionals can help walk someone else through the defibrillation process. That's a relief, because I'm not sure I'd be able to do it on my own. Do I put the shock paddles directly on the victim's nipples? The sides of their head? Actually, I'm not sure I'd be much help regardless. Because one time I was out to dinner with a friend when he started choking and I panicked and just started kneeing him in the nuts. We're not friends anymore. Get it? Because he died. Keep going for a video about the life-saving copter.
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