Learn The Meanings Behind These British Idioms So You Can Promptly Forget Them Tomorrow Because ‘MURICA! [VIDEO] – Come have a butcher’s!

Here in the United States we have a odd (perhaps even “special”–ehh? Ehhh?) relationship with Great Britain. We do love you, but on July 4th we are required by American law to make ridiculous nationalistic jokes at your expense. Before that happens tomorrow and we are all hideously transformed werewolf-style into Stars-and-Stripes wearin’ Michael Bay lovin’ fireworks fanatics, let’s get some last minute cultural exchanging in with this episode of Anglophenia.

All terrible ‘Murcia jokes aside, Siobhan Thompson’s Anglophenia series really is is quite well done (I’m using the American quite here which means “very,” as opposed to the British version which means “slightly”). Here’s another one where she does a breakdown of 17 different accents you can find across the United Kingdom and Ireland, complete with lines from appropriate pop culture examples.

So that’s why Billie Piper’s Irish accent sounds so unusual in Penny Dreadful–it’s Northern! This explains everything.

(via Laughing Squid)

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