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Google Patent Hints At More “Normal” Looking Google Glass

It’s pretty easy to spot someone wearing Google Glass because of the way it has been designed, it makes it pretty obvious that the wearer isn’t wearing a regular pair of glasses. This can be detrimental to the wearer if they were to encounter hostility from others who might not appreciate the technology due to…Read More…

Thalmic Reveals Its Enterprise Play For the Myo Armband, Including Google Glass Integration

 Waterloo’s Thalmic Labs has begun shipping the production version of its hardware to pre-order customers already, and now the company is gearing up for its full-scale enterprise play with the help of some partner companies and with development efforts aimed at specific devices, including Google Glass. Myo’s potential for the enterprise could be much greater…Read More…

You can now buy Google Glass in SA – for a ridiculous price

Tech junkies, rejoice! Google Glass has arrived on South African shores for the first time; however, we’re pretty sure that not many people will jump to get their hands on the device – considering the ridiculous price. Online retailer, takealot.com, is offering a limited amount of Google Glass devices. The company made the announcement on…Read More…

SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet is the Google Glass for Riders [Video]

Motorcycle riders are about to get a huge upgrade in how they ride, with the SKULLY AR-1 Motorcycle helmet. It is being referred to as the Google Glass for motorcycle riders, so you have an idea right there on just what this helmet is all about. The SKULLY AR-1 helmet will basically make you feel…Read More…

  • By David Pena
  • Posted in Android
  • Also tagged skully ar-1 motorcycle helmet, , Virtual Reality

Nvidia and UNC collaborate on ‘pinlight display’ augmented reality breakthrough

A new augmented reality approach from researchers at UNC and Nvidia could revolutionize the industry — and make advanced AR interfaces a reality.Read More…

  • By Joel Hruska
  • Posted in Technology
  • Also tagged AR, Augmented Reality, Computing, displays, fun, , , Internet, NVIDIA, pinlight display, siggraph, siggraph 2014, university of north carolina

Rochester Optical Sunglass Lenses For Google Glass Now Available

Google Glass may have managed to notch up legions of fans thanks to its technical capabilities, but could we about to see the fashion conscious adopt the wearable technology as a statement of style? It may sound a little far-fetched as the product isn’…Read More…

  • By Paul Morris

Does Android Wear make Google Glass obsolete?

Google handed out a few thousand Android Wear devices at Google I/O last week, and the public release of Wear is just days away. With all this new focus on smartwatches, what’s to become of everyone’s favorite face computer, Google Glass? Google’s first foray into wearables has had more than its share of tribulations, but…Read More…

Google Glass Banned From UK Cinemas To Counter Piracy

Google mightn’t yet have expanded the beta Explorer program of its Glass project across the world just yet, but in an announcement outlining its intention to do broaden Glass’s horizons in the future, the search giant also confirmed its roll-out to folks in the United Kingdom. With the Explorer Edition now officially on sale in…Read More…

  • By Ben Reid

Google Glass gets UK movies ban

We’ve seen plenty happening with Google Glass over the last few weeks including the availability of the device spreading to the UK. However, it seems that not everybody is happy with this development as Google Glass is on the end of a UK movie ban at some cinemas/movie theaters. Google Glass is in the beta…Read More…

Google Glass Banned In UK Cinemas

Its not like there hasn’t been enough debate about the privacy issues surrounding Google Glass, but that won’t stop establishments from dropping the banhammer on this wearable device. Recently we saw a movie theater chain in the U.S. ban Glass and now merely days after the wearable device went on sale in its first international…Read More…

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