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Sony is launching a selfie camera shaped like a perfume bottle

There is no denying that the world is obsessed with selfies, and to be fair, more specifically girls. Girls love selfies. Another thing girls love is perfume and apparently in China, there is a growing trend of incasing your smartphone in a Chanel perfume bottle case. And now it seems that Sony wants to capitalize…Read More…

More tech giants accept ice bucket challenge

Last week we reported on Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg who stepped up the ‘ice bucket challenge’ in support of ALS disease. Both Nadella and Zuckerberg doused themselves with ice water in order to raise awareness and money for the destructive neurodegenerative disease. As you probably know by now, the challenge…Read More…

TMZ releases photos of alleged ‘smuggled’ iPhone 6

It seems that everyday there is a new iPhone 6 rumour or supposed leaked image. That is because there is. And now, even celebrity gossip website, TMZ, has jumped on the iPhone 6 rumour train. Yes, the hype around the upcoming iPhone 6 is so big that TMZ – famed for exposing celebrities’ dirty secrets…Read More…

You can now buy Google Glass in SA – for a ridiculous price

Tech junkies, rejoice! Google Glass has arrived on South African shores for the first time; however, we’re pretty sure that not many people will jump to get their hands on the device – considering the ridiculous price. Online retailer, takealot.com, is offering a limited amount of Google Glass devices. The company made the announcement on…Read More…

Zuckerberg, Nadella do ‘ice bucket challenge’ for charity

If you have been paying any attention to you social media timelines lately, you may have noticed a new fad going around called the ‘ice bucket challenge’ Much like any other social media challenge (remember those idiotic neknominations…) it requires a person to perform – a usually ridiculous – task and then nominate or challenge…Read More…

Polaroid launches GoPro rival

Calling all hipsters. If ever you wanted to use a Go Pro but felt that it was too big, bulky and mainstream, you can now rest assured knowing that Polaroid has just launched a smaller, easier and cooler alternative. Introducing the Polaroid Cube. Described as a ‘lifestyle action camera’, this tiny cube is basically a…Read More…

‘Smart’ gym clothes track and analyze your muscle activity

Fitness trackers like FitBit or the Nike FuelBand are nothing new and we have seen a steady increase in fitness tech and apps over the past couple of months. However, these ‘smart’ gym clothes take fitness tracking and technology to a whole new level. Meet Athos – gym clothes that can actually analyze your muscle…Read More…

Sony Xperia Z3 confirmed specs?

Continuing with some more news regarding Sony devices, the never ending smartphone cycle is turning again with reports of the new Sony Xperia Z3 specs. Sony is just a few weeks away from their event at IFA in Berlin (one of the largest global trade shows for consumer electronics). Rumors are starting to gain momentum…Read More…

More leaked photos of iPhone 6 shows alleged phone in its packaging

With the iPhone 6 allegedly being released on September 9 at Apple’s reported “big media event”, speculation and rumours have definitely gone up a gear as the anticipation just becomes too much for some to bear. And while rumours are just that – hearsay – it’s the hard evidence (read: photos) that really grabs our…Read More…

BuzzFeed receives a further $50 million investment

Viral media company, BuzzFeed, has just secured themselves their fifth round of funding, to the tune of a whopping $50 million. The news media website, that was founded in 2006, has grown to be one of the world’s leading news and entertainment websites – steadily covering more news worthy subjects than simply posting cat videos…Read More…

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