You can now buy Google Glass in SA – for a ridiculous price

Google Glass

Tech junkies, rejoice! Google Glass has arrived on South African shores for the first time; however, we’re pretty sure that not many people will jump to get their hands on the device – considering the ridiculous price.

Online retailer,, is offering a limited amount of Google Glass devices. The company made the announcement on their website yesterday, but really there was only one thing that caught our eye…

Takealot is selling Google Glass for an astonishing R26 999 – for one.

Now if you can get over the initial shock, you might be glad to hear that they are selling two different styles of the device, although that doesn’t affect the price.

Takealot if offering limited units of Google Glass Black in either split style frames or edge style frames. 

As we have reported before, Google Glass isn’t really catching on in the US. The company has even resorted to many collaborations with fashion houses like Diane Von Furstenberg and even Ray-Ban and Oakley to make Glass ‘cooler’.

Google also wrote a lengthy blog post on how not to be a ‘glasshole’. But it seems that making Glass look more fashionable and writing guidelines for its usage still hasn’t helped the device’s sales.

And at R27 000, we doubt that sales will go through the roof in South Africa, either.

Split Style Frames

Split Style Frames

Edge Style Frames

Edge Style Frames

Google Glass retails for around $1,500 in the US. At the current Rand/Dollar exchange rate, that comes to R15,818,92. Naturally, that is excluding import costs and taxes. Still, R27 000 seems a little hefty, no?

However, if you are a tech junkie and have been dying to get your hands on a Google Glass device (and have a spare R27 000 lying around) you can order one now on the website.

As for us, we’ll stick to our normal sunglasses for summer.

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