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Casio G-SHOCK goes undercover with new camouflage range

When it comes to watches and interesting timepieces, there are many different models out there in the market for you to pick from. The thing is, which particular model would be the most suitable one for you? It really depends on a whole lot of factors, ranging from your budget to your personality as well…Read More…

  • By Edwin
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Dota 2 Documentary Free to Play Now Available To View (video)

Dota 2 fans are sure to be pleased to learn that the new Valve movie and Dota 2 documentary Free to Play is now available to watch for free and follows three professional games as they compete for a $1,000,000 prize while playing the Dota 2 game. The Valve created Dota 2 Free to Play movie…Read More…

  • By Julian Horsey

Motorola Talks About How The Moto 360 Smart Watch Was Designed

Motorola revealed the new Motorola Moto 360 the other day, the device is the company’s new smart watch, and one of the first smart watches we have seen that features a round display rather than a square or rectanuglar one. Now the guys over at the Verge have been speaking to Motrola’s design chief, Jim…Read More…

Valve’s pro gaming documentary hits YouTube (video)

Last month we reported on the upcoming documentary by Valve delving into the world of professional gaming. That documentary has now been released and is free to watch on YouTube, iTunes and Steam. It depicts some of the top players in the world, playing for a $1 million top prize. Touching on their routes and…Read More…

  • By Theunis Jansen van Rensburg
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Watch the Big Bang Breakthrough Explained For All Us Non-Scientist Dummies [Video]

As excited as I am that scientists may have found the first direct evidence of gravitational waves and cosmic inflation, I’m not as up on my astrophysics as I should be. If you’re also afraid of being embarrassed in front of some smarty-pants scientists, this video explains it in terms everyone will understand.Read More…

Check Out the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Trailer

Have you been playing Battlefield 4 and wishing there were more maps and battleships and hovercrafts and junk? Well soon there will be. The Naval Strike expansion is coming on March 25th, and you can watch a trailer for it now and read what our official Battlefield 4 correspondent thinks.Read More…

  • By Glen Tickle
  • Posted in Battlefield 4, Gaming, science, video, Video Games
  • Also tagged Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar, Wave Breaker

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Hosting a Debate on Private Spaceflight Tonight, Watch It Live at 7:30PM ET Right Here

This year’s Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate at the American Museum of Natural History will be focused “selling space” and private spaceflight. It will be hosted by none other than Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, so if you can’t wait for this week’s Cosmos for your Tyson fix, watch here at 7:30PM EDT.Read More…

  • By Dan Van Winkle
  • Posted in Neil deGrasse Tyson, science, space
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Science at Bedtime

“Daddy? How do you make water?” “You mean, what is it made of?” “Yeah, what’s water made of?” “Hydrogen and oxygen.” “Oh. And what’s hydrogen and oxygen?” “They’re chemical elements.” “So, when we drink water, we’re drinking chemicals?” “Well, yeah. In a sense, everything is chemicals. Water’s a chemical, air is made of chemicals. ”…Read More…

  • By Chad Orzel
  • Posted in astronomy, Personal, Physics, Pop Culture, science, Steelykid!
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Motorola Moto 360 To Have Limited Availability At Launch (Rumor)

Earlier today we showed you the new Motorola Moto 360 smart watch, the device is one of the first devices to come with Android Wear. It is also one of the first smart watches that will feature a round display, the majority of the smart watches we have seen so far have either featured a…Read More…

Samsung Gear 2 watch with standalone calling in the pipeline

If you follow Samsung news you’ll already know that Samsung officially introduced the second Galaxy Gear last month in the form of the Samsung Gear 2 watch. Now we are hearing indications that another variant of the smartwatch is in the pipeline that will feature standalone calling. A report from Korea about this supposed new……Read More…

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