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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (2013)

The 2014 edition of the HTC One has to be one of the worst-kept secrets in the history of smartphones. But before HTC pulls back the curtain on its well-leaked new flagship next week, maybe you’re wondering how last year’s One stacks up to the Galaxy S…Read More…

Lifeproof extends its line of waterproof iPad cases to cover the mini

It’s probably not a good idea to stick an iPad in water, but accidents happen. LifeProof is a company built around protecting users from these accidents with its array of waterproof cases for various devices. Now, it’s rolling out its nüüd and fre models for iPad mini with Retina displays… Continue Reading Lifeproof extends its…Read More…

  • By Dave LeClair

Apple kills the iPad 2, resurrects the iPad 4

If you’ve shopped for an iPad anytime during the last few years, you’ve probably run into the iPad 2. Not only was it the flagship model during 2011, but it hung around as the budget full-sized model for two full years after that. Well, you can finally…Read More…

  • By Will Shanklin
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Epson goes beyond “Minority Report” with smart glasses and gesture control

At CES 2014, Epson showed off its Moverio BT-200 smart glasses – just one of myriad Google Glass competitors seen at the show. But this month the company upped the ante by pairing its Moverio glasses with a wearable Thalmic Labs Myo armband that allows for gesture control of applications that Epson says move beyond…Read More…

SocialRadar app tells you about the people around you

A new app is looking to succeed in the ambient location market where others have failed. SocialRadar provides real-time information about the people around you. It connects to the user’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram and Google+ accounts to pull in data about their whereabouts and recent activities. .. Continue Reading SocialRadar app tells you…Read More…

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Moto X

With Samsung’s Galaxy S5 set to launch next month, you might be wondering how it sizes up next to some of the biggest phones of 2013. Let’s plop it down by one of our favorites, the Moto X, to see how their features and specs compare… Continue Readi…Read More…

Lupo wireless sensor combines item finding, security and remote control

Advances in electronics combined with our finely tuned ability to lose stuff has seen the market for wireless tracking sensor systems expand rapidly in recent times. This latest example is Lupo, a versatile item finder that’s also a security solution a…Read More…

  • By Antonio Pasolini
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Amazon launches AppStream cloud engine for apps

The newly-launched AppStream from Amazon Web Services allows users to stream resource hungry applications from the cloud, without worrying about hardware limitations or operating platforms… Continue Reading Amazon launches AppStream cloud engine for…Read More…

Review: iQi Mobile wireless charger

Smartphone manufacturers have yet to begin including wireless charging functionality in their handsets as a matter of course. There are, however, a number of devices available that can add wireless charging functionality. The Fonesalesman iQi Mobile is one such device – let’s take a look at how it performs… Continue Reading Review: iQi Mobile wireless…Read More…

How to stream video from Kindle Fire HDX to Chromecast and more

The Kindle Fire HDX doesn’t allow AirPlay-like wireless streaming of music, photos, and video like an iPad. Of course, you can always display videos by connecting the micro-HDMI cable to your HDTV, but that can be a hassle depending on your home theate…Read More…

  • By Brian Burgess
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